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SLORC Whitewashing Team Tours Germa (r)

Subject: Re: SLORC Whitewashing Team Tours Germany

Congratulations for your good work.  Does anyone have the further 
schedule of this SLORC PR tour?

Many Thanks,

Seattle Campaign for a Free Burma

On 17 Oct 1995 a2639408@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> From: Niko Reichwald <a2639408@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: SLORC Whitewashing Team Tours Germany
> Dear friends,
> The Slorc embassy in Bonn unusually invited some active members of the
> democratic forces to a meeting in Bonn on 14th.Oct. in order to discuss
> some changes and developments in Burma with the members of the Slorc white-
> washing team, composing of U Ba Thwin (Foreign Ministry), Dr. Htun Shein
> (Investment adviser), U Set Maung (Economist) and U Tin Tun ( ex-ambassador
> and adviser to FM). The discussion was led by U Win Aung, the present Slorc
> ambassador in Bonn.
> The very first question raised by our democratic forces was precise and 
> clear: Why Slorc failed to honour the will of the Burmese people, clearly
> shown in the 1990 general elections? This 2-minute question was tried to
> answer by Set Maung, Tin Tun and Win Aung, taking more than 20 minutes, by
> just beating about the bush. The same question was again put up in more 
> clear form: The Burmese people said loud and clear that they do not 
> accept the military dictatorial system by giving their votes of over 80% 
> to the Aung San Suu Kyi's N L D party. Why Slorc is pretending not to under-
> stand the people's will? U Win Aung's answer was as usual: The Slorc leaders
> are now in the process of democratisation and the national convention is 
> still going on with more than 80 elected representives (out of about 700
> delegates) in order to fulfil the needs of the people.
> We, the democratic forces, declared that we totally rejected the national
> convention held by the Slorc with the reasons # the Slorc has no mandate 
> and hence no legitimacy to convene a national convention to draw a consti-
> tution,# the guide-lines laid down in the national convention by the Slorc 
> steering committee are entirely not in agreement with the international basic
> democratic principles and # even the United Nations do not recognize such
> process of national convention.
> The Slorc whitewashers are, however, seemed to be well prepared concerning
> investments and open economy, although the laws and regulations, which 
> they used to quote with paragraphs and sections, are completely different
> in their applicability as well as practicability in Burma.( Be sure that
> you are dealing with substantial, political questions than wasting much 
> of the time with their investment lectures).
> Fianlly, they do admit that they are merely Slorc's servants having no
> authority to decide, but what they could only do is to relay our opinions 
> to their 'higher authorities'. We told them that such kind of open 
> discussions with freedom from fear should be done more frequently inside
> Burma with the people than wasting foreign currencies abroad.
> The whole meeting, from the beginning to the last word, was well documented
> by video, recording cassettes and photoes. 
> Nwe Aung / Burma Bureau (Germany) 
>            Fax: +49 2173 83364