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another joke

I once sat on a plane with the same Myo Nyunt, the Rangoon Commander. You 
called him a well-known brain with a 4th standard education. I agree: half 
an hour after our departure, the captain of the airplane mentioned through 
the intercom that there was a problem with one engine. "Engine number three 
has failed, so we shut it off. Soince we have four engines, this should be 
no couse for alarm. We only wish to inform you that we will arrive twenty 
minutes late."  Myo Nyunt stares out the window.
Maybe an hour later the captain is heard talking over the intercom: "The 
second engine has just been shut down. There is no reason to be alarmed, but 
you may be interested to learn we will be at least an hour late."
All the passengers start discussing, but Myo stares out the window.
Halfway through the flight the captain comes up again: "We are sorry, but 
now the fourth engine is no longer working. This will cause a delay of about 
two hours and a half. We have already informed the airport at the destination."
At this point Myo Nyunt turned to me and said: "Lets hope the last engine 
holds out, or else we will never get down."
Het Burma Centrum Nederland is een onafhankelijke stichting die zich tot 
doel stelt de Nederlandse samenleving te informeren over de ontwikkelingen 
in Burma. Daarnaast initieert en co-ordineert het aktiviteiten die 
democratisering en duurzame ontwikkeling in Burma bevorderen. Het centrum 
geeft een positieve bijdrage aan een constructieve dialoog tussen de diverse 
groeperingen in Burma.