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Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Day (r)

Various pro-Burma groups in Boston are organizing an event for 
July 22 in observance of Aung San Suu Kyi's sixth year of house
arrest.  We chose the 22nd because logistically, Saturdays are 
just more event-friendly.  We are looking into getting some local
speakers, and will be screening a documentary, perhaps also
sampling some Burmese cusine, music, etc.  If there is to be a
national or world-wide coordinated effort for action focusing on
Suu Kyi, I think people should look at planning for around July 20
since this will give you a lot more time to mobilize.  If you're
in the Boston area, contact CPPAX at 617-426-3040, or Simon
Billenness at Franklin Research and Devel. at 617-423-6655.  John
is right -- it's about time NGOs and other pro-Burma groups got
together to organize something that will make a difference.  I hope
that groups around the world will not let July 20th pass by without
letting their respective communities know about the importance of
this date.