Photos of the Depayin Massacre

Aung San Suu Kyi's car warmly greeted by locals in Mogok.

Vehicle (License #2B/4363) full of USDA protesters.

Protesters comprised of members of the USDA with a loud speaker.

A protester screaming rude insults.

Armed with bamboo sticks, USDA members harassing NLD in Kyi Tauk Pauk.

Traffic policeman aiding anti-NLD protesters.

Lt. General Than Han closely supervising anti-NLD protesters on 25 May. He also supervised the 30 May Massacre and reportedly arrested Aung San Suu Kyi on the morning of 31 May.

A protester armed with a bamboo rod at the left of the photo.



Photograph taken of attackers, 5 days earlier on 25 May, who appear  extremely intoxicated.

Protester on 25 May near the NLD convoy. Eye witness Khin Oo at left of photo.

Eye witness Khin Oo seen at left of photo taken on 25 May.

Thousands welcoming Aung San Suu Kyi in front of Ba Ho Cenima, in Mogok.

NLD convoy traveling through Mogok

Lt Col Than Han, to the left, chairperson of the Shwe Bo District Peace and Development Council. During the attack on 30 May, he was present at the Irrigation Department compound in front of Ywa Thit village, which was created as a base camp and control camp for the attack.


All photos and captions have been provided by the Ad Hoc Commission on Depayin Massacre (Burma). All photos and captions can be found in The Second Preliminary Report of the Ad Hoc Commission on Depayin Massacre (Burma).

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