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Children's Rights - studies

Individual Documents

Title: Children as Beneficiaries and Participants in Development Programs: A Case Study in Burma (Myanmar)
Date of publication: June 2007
Description/subject: Abstract: "This study seeks to understand the dynamics and processes of community development programs for children in Burma (Myanmar). It examines the ethical dimensions of children’s participation, critiques the extent of participation of young people in community development activity, explores the barriers and avenues for increased participation and presents recommendations based on lived experience which can be used to formulate policies that will enable/encourage greater participation. The development industry reaches to almost all areas of the globe and is not confined by national boundaries, ethnicity, age, gender or other social stratification. One of the most topical issues in contemporary development regards the rights of the child. It is an area of increasing interest to United Nations agencies and to human rights groups such as Amnesty International and the International Labour Organisation. In addition, a number of international programs have been created to focus upon improving the global situation of children, such as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and Mandela and Machel's "Global Movement for Children." Such interest in the situation of children, however, rarely includes discussion of the ethical issues involved in the construction of children as appropriate subjects of development. Even rarer is examination or discussion of the culturally and historically contingent nature of assumptions about children and childhood that are built into many programs that focus upon children. The implications of applying programs and techniques that incorporate "Western" or "generic" understandings of children and childhood upon children from non­ Western nations should be part of such discussions. Development programs increasingly employ national workers, not only as stakeholders and participants, but also as initiators of programs and as directors of resource allocation. However, with this growing trend of the participation of ‘beneficiaries’ of development programs in identifying needs and planning and implementing solutions, the voices of children have, until recently, been quiet."
Author/creator: Karl Goodwin-Dorning
Language: English
Source/publisher: Faculty of Arts Department of Social Inquiry & Community Studies Victoria University
Format/size: pdf (3.7MB-reduced version; 8.6MB-1st part of original; 5.2MB-2nd part of original)
Alternate URLs: http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs23/Karl_Dorning-Thesis-Pt_A.pdf
Date of entry/update: 16 July 2017