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Home > Reading Room > News - Daily newspapers produced by the Government of Burma/Myanmar (archive from June 2003) > "The [Global] New Light of Myanmar", "Kyemon" and "Myanmar Alin" > "The Mirror" ("Kyemon") archive
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"The Mirror" ("Kyemon") archive (1)
As some of the original "The Mirror" ("Kyemon") files are rather large (more than 10MB) up until 2 or so years ago we reduced them using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Because these reduced files may contain font or other errors, we have also uploaded the original (and authoritative) files. There are three options for reading this newspaper. (1) The OCR'd version, which is generally the primary link, ending with im at the end of the URL is a reduced version, NOT original quality but readable and takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to open (depending on your Internet connection). (2) The Alternate, original-quality Burma Library link is slower to download, but the font is crisper. (3) The Alternate, original version, which has no pdf suffix, involves an additional stage as it does not open the document but invite users to choose the software. Currently we simply upload the original files.