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Burma Human Rights Yearbook 2008

Individual Documents

Title: Burma Human Rights Yearbook 2008
Date of publication: 23 November 2009
Description/subject: TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Arbitrary Detention and Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances...2. Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment...3. Extra-judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions...4. Landmines and Other Explosive Devices...5. Production and Trade of Illicit Drugs...6. Trafficking and Smuggling...7. Forced Labour and Forced Conscription...8. Deprivation of Livelihood...9. Environmental Degradation...10. Cyclone Nargis – From natural disaster to human catastrophe...11. Right to Health...12. Freedom of Belief and Religion...13. Freedom of Opinion, Expression and the Press...14. Freedom of Assembly, Association and Movement...15. Right to Education...16. Rights of the Child...17. The Rights of Women...18. Ethnic Minority Rights...19. Internal Displacement and Forced Relocation...20. The Situation of Refugees...21.The Situation of Migrant Workers...EACH OF THESE CHAPTERS CAN HE INDEPENDENTLY READ AND DOWNLOADED
Language: English
Source/publisher: Human Rights Docmentation Unit of the NCGUB
Format/size: html (21K - hyperlinked index ); pdf (13MB) 1092 pages - full pdf text
Alternate URLs: http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs08/HRYB2008.pdf (full pdf text - 13MB)
Date of entry/update: 05 December 2009