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Childrens's rights in Karen State - reports of violations

Individual Documents

Title: SPDC mortar attack on school in Papun District
Date of publication: 24 February 2010
Description/subject: "One 15-year-old student is dead and two other students are injured after an 81 mm mortar fired into an IDP hiding site in Lu Thaw Township, Papun District, landed in a school set up by the villagers. As of February 21st, the site’s 353 residents remained in hiding and are actively seeking to avoid being shot-onsight by SPDC Army troops that remain in their area."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG #2010-B5)
Format/size: pdf ( 336K and 387K - English)
Alternate URLs: http://www.burmalibrary.org/docs20/KHRG-2010-02-24-SPDC_mortar_attack_on_school-in_Papun_District-e...

Date of entry/update: 12 October 2010

Title: Forced recruitment, child soldiers and abuse in the army: Interviews with SPDC deserters
Date of publication: 27 April 2009
Description/subject: "This report includes interviews with two deserters who fled the Burma Army in 2008 and spoke to KHRG about their experiences in February 2009. The interviews cover issues of forced recruitment, child soldiers, corruption and theft within the army, low moral and desertion, and the brutal treatment of both civilians and fellow soldiers by armed forces personnel..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group Field Reports (KHRG #2009-F9)
Format/size: html, pdf (256 KB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg09f9.pdf
Date of entry/update: 30 October 2009

Title: IDP conditions and the rape of a young girl in Papun District
Date of publication: 11 April 2009
Description/subject: "This report describes SPDC operations in and around internally displaced person hiding sites in Lu Thaw Township, Papun District. Villagers in this area continue to face constant physical threats and food insecurity caused by SPDC patrols-indeed, residents have been prevented from consistently accessing their farm fields for so long that they now face a dire food crisis. This report also details the rape of a 13-year-old girl by an SPDC soldier in Dweh Loh Township and the local military commander's attempt to cover up the incident. This report examines cases of SPDC abuse from December 2008 to March 2009..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group Field Reports (KHRG #2009-F8)
Format/size: html, pdf (881 KB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg09f8.pdf
Date of entry/update: 31 October 2009

Title: Growing up under militarisation: Abuse and agency of children in Karen State
Date of publication: 30 April 2008
Description/subject: "As the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the military junta currently ruling Burma, works to extend and consolidate its control over all areas of Karen State, local children, their families and communities confront regular, often violent, abuses at the hands of the regime's officers, soldiers and civilian officials. While the increasing international media attention on the human rights situation in Burma has occasionally addressed the plight of children, such reporting has been almost entirely incident-based, and focused on specific, particularly emotive issues, such as child soldiers. Although incident-based reporting is relevant, it misses the far greater problems of structural violence, caused by the oppressive social, economic and political systems commensurate with militarisation, and the combined effects of a variety of abuses, which negatively affect a far larger number of children in Karen State. Furthermore, focusing on specific, emotive issues sensationalises the abuses committed against children and masks the complexities of the situation. In reports on children and armed conflict in Karen State and elsewhere, individual children's agency, efforts to resist abuse and capacity to deal with the situations they live in, as well as the efforts made by their families and communities to provide for and protect them, tend to be marginalised and ignored. Drawing on over 160 interviews with local children, their families and communities, this report seeks to provide a forum for these people to explain in their own words the wider context of abuse and their own responses to attempts at denying children their rights. With additional background provided by official SPDC press statements and order documents, international media sources, reports by international aid agencies, as well as academic studies, this report argues that only by listening to local voices regarding the situation of abuse in which they live and taking as a starting point for advocacy and action local conceptions of rights and violations can external actors avoid the further marginalisation of children living in these areas and begin to build on villagers' own strategies for resisting abuse and claiming their rights..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG #2008-01)
Format/size: html, pdf (4.3MB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg0801_3.pdf
Date of entry/update: 07 May 2008

Title: Road construction, attacks on displaced communities and the impact on education in northern Papun District
Date of publication: 26 March 2007
Description/subject: "In the ongoing offensive against villagers in northern Karen State, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) has been working to develop infrastructure supportive of increased military control. The construction of new bases and vehicle roads serve this objective as they obstruct the efforts of local communities to evade army patrols and sustain their livelihoods in areas beyond the reach of SPDC forces. Increased control, in turn, allows the SPDC to more easily exploit rural communities for labour, food and other supplies in support of military structures. This report examines how military deployment and the construction of new roads and bases further into Papun District have led local villagers to respond by evading encroaching army units despite the increasing difficulty of this tactic, and how the subsequent displacement has affected children's access to education..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group Field Report (KHRG #2007-F3)
Format/size: html, pdf (806 KB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg07f3_0.pdf
Date of entry/update: 08 November 2009