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Labour camps

Individual Documents

Title: Graveyards, Not Labor Camps
Date of publication: August 2007
Description/subject: Torture, mistreatment, lack of international oversight have turned Burma’s prison labor camps into death traps... "For some prisoners in Burma, especially military officers imprisoned for corruption, murder or drug charges, sentences to labor camps can be easier than life in a prison cell. The majority of other prisoners, however, find that assignment to a labor camp can amount to a death sentence. Burma operates 91 labor camps in areas across the country, including the Kabaw Valley (western Burma), Taungswun/Mupalin quarry in Mon State, Twante Camp near Rangoon, Bokpyin Camp in Tenasserim Division and the New Life camps, according to a government Web site. The thousands of prisoners in these camps are used to build Burma’s highways, dams, irrigation canals, special agricultural projects, and in working rock quarries. But their lives are subject to the whims of their jailers..."
Author/creator: Bo Kyi
Language: English
Source/publisher: "The Irrawaddy" Vol 15, No. 8
Format/size: html
Alternate URLs: http://www.irrawaddy.org/print_article.php?art_id=8050
Date of entry/update: 02 May 2008