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Human Rights Education

Websites/Multiple Documents

Title: Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB)
Description/subject: "The Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB) is a progressive organization administering and facilitating human rights trainings, advocacy programs, and internships for Burma 's diverse communities. We are based on the Thai-Burma border. HREIB uses a participatory teaching methodology to empower grassroots activists, community leaders, women, sexual minorities, and youth to become trainers, community leaders, and human rights activists..." Programs; Publications; Photo Galleries; Links.
Language: English, Burmese, Karen, Karenni,
Source/publisher: Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB)
Format/size: html, pdf
Date of entry/update: 16 February 2005

Individual Documents

Title: Forced recruitment, child soldiers and abuse in the army: Interviews with SPDC deserters
Date of publication: 27 April 2009
Description/subject: "This report includes interviews with two deserters who fled the Burma Army in 2008 and spoke to KHRG about their experiences in February 2009. The interviews cover issues of forced recruitment, child soldiers, corruption and theft within the army, low moral and desertion, and the brutal treatment of both civilians and fellow soldiers by armed forces personnel..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group Field Reports (KHRG #2009-F9)
Format/size: html, pdf (256 KB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg09f9.pdf
Date of entry/update: 30 October 2009

Title: Oppression by proxy in Thaton District
Date of publication: 21 December 2006
Description/subject: "With the onset of the cold season the State Peace & Development Council (SPDC) has been able to push ahead with military attacks against villages and displaced communities in the northern districts of Karen State. In Thaton District and other areas further south, however, the military is more firmly in control, fewer displaced communities are able to remain in hiding, and SPDC rule is facilitated by the presence of its ally the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA). By increasingly relying on DKBA forces to administer Thaton, the SPDC has been able to free up soldiers and resources which can then be deployed elsewhere. To force the civilian population into submission, the DKBA has scoured villages throughout Thaton - detaining, interrogating and torturing villagers and conscripting them to serve as army porters. Commensurate with its increased control over the civilian population, DKBA soldiers have subjected villagers to regular extortion, arbitrary and excessive 'taxation', forced labour, land confiscation and restrictions on movement, trade and education which all serve to support ongoing military rule in Thaton. By systematising control over local villagers, the SPDC and DKBA have been able to implement 'development' projects that financially benefit and further entrench the military hierarchy. Amongst such initiatives, the construction in Thaton District of the United Nations-supported Asian Highway, connecting Burma with neighbouring countries, has involved uncompensated land confiscation and forced labour..."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Karen Human Rights Group Field Report (KHRG #2006-F11)
Format/size: html, pdf (619 KB)
Alternate URLs: http://www.khrg.org/sites/default/files/khrg06f11_0.pdf
Date of entry/update: 08 November 2009