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Bibliographies and online documents of individual Burma/Myanmar scholars
Scholars who would like their bibliographies displayed in this section of the Library are welcome to email them to the Librarian at darnott@iprolink.ch

Websites/Multiple Documents

Date of publication: October 2012
Description/subject: Revised October 2012..La plupart des livres et articles sont en francais -- most of the publications are in French.
Author/creator: Guy Lubeigt
Language: Français, French, some English
Source/publisher: Guy Lubeigt
Format/size: pdf (204K)
Date of entry/update: 23 October 2012

Title: Andrew Selth: Publications on Burma January 1985-November 2010
Date of publication: 02 November 2010
Description/subject: Expanded bibliography. Includes material written as "William Ashton". Updated 2 November 2010
Author/creator: Andrew Selth
Language: English
Source/publisher: Andrew Selth
Format/size: pdf (121K)
Date of entry/update: 28 July 2009

Title: Lisa Brooten: Citations, abstracts and keywords for works on Burma
Date of publication: 31 October 2008
Description/subject: Brooten, L. (forthcoming, November 2008). Burmese political cartoons and the transnational public sphere in times of crisis. International Journal of Comic Art, 10(2): 254-281...Keywords: cartoons, Irrawaddy, Saffron Revolution, Nargis, transnational public sphere, media analysis, media representation.....Brooten, L. (September 2008). The 'pint-sized terrorists'of God's army: Child soldiers, media and global politics. Journal of Children and Media (2)3...Keywords: child soldiers; ethnic minorities; media; Orientalism; media representation; textual analysis.....Brooten, L. (2008). 'Media as our Mirror': Indigenous Media in Burma (Myanmar). In P. Wilson & M. Stewart (Eds.), Global Indigenous Media: Cultures, Practices and Politics. Duke University Press...Keywords: indigenous media, indigenous video, ethnic minority media, opposition movement, media representation, victimization, stereotypes, solidarity, agency.....Downing, J. & Brooten, L. (2007). ICTs and Political Movements. In R. Mansell & R. Silverstone (Eds.), Oxford University Press Handbook on Information and Communication Technologies. Oxford University Press. [Burmese media is a case study in this chapter]...Keywords: political movements, communication technologies, media, social change.....Brooten, L. (2007). Myanmar (Burma). Encyclopedia of Global Perspectives on the United States. Great Barrington, MA: Berkshire Publishing Group...Keywords: US-Burma relations, history, sanctions, Iraq War.....Brooten, L. (2006). Political Violence and Journalism in a Multi-ethnic State: A Case Study of Burma (Myanmar). Journal of Communication Inquiry, 30(4), 354- 373...Keywords: political violence; journalism; journalism training; indigenous (or ethnicbased) journalism; media development.....Brooten, L. (2005). The Feminization of Democracy Under Siege: The Media, 'the Lady' of Burma, and U.S. Foreign Policy. National Womenâ's Studies Association Journal, 17(3): 134-156...Keywords: media representation, gender and media, Orientalism, representations of democracy, 'protection scenario,' post cold war geopolitics.....Brooten, L. (2004). Human rights discourse and the development of democracy in a multi-ethnic state. Asian Journal of Communication, 14(2): 174-191...Keywords: media representation, refugees, refugee policy, human rights discourse, ethnic minorities.
Author/creator: Lisa Brooten
Language: English
Source/publisher: Lisa Brooten
Format/size: pdf (20K)
Date of entry/update: 31 October 2008

Title: Donald Seekins bibliography: February 2007
Date of publication: 12 February 2007
Author/creator: Donald Seekins
Language: English
Source/publisher: Donald Seekins
Format/size: pdf (34K)
Date of entry/update: 22 February 2007

Title: Petit repertoire des etudes birmanes en France
Date of publication: March 2001
Description/subject: "Ce dossier n'a pas pour objet de faire un point general sur l'etat des recherches sur la Birmanie (Union du Myanmar). Une excellente synthese, qui depasse en outre le cadre francais, a recemment ete proposee par Pierre Pichard et Francois Robinne en introduction au volume Etudes birmanes en hommage a Denise Bernot (Paris : Presses de l'Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient, 1998). Ce volume comporte egalement une bibliographie indicative des ouvrages et articles concernant la Birmanie parus entre 1985 et 1998..." Denise Bernot (linguistique, Professeur emerite) | Benedicte Brac de la Perriere (ethnologie, CNRS) | Anne-Cecile Brajon (etudes indiennes, Universite Paris III) | Michel Bruneau (geographie, CNRS) | Aurore candier (histoire, EPHE) | Marie-Helene Cardinaud (birman, Inalco) | Anne-May Chew (histoire de l'art/archeologie, Paris III) | Cristina Cramerotti (conservateur, Inalco) | Karine Delaye (histoire, EHESS) | Alexandra de Mersan (ethnologie, EHESS) | William Lang Dessaint (ethnologie, Professeur) | Emmanuel Guillon (etudes mones, Inalco) | Jacques Ivanoff (ethnologie, CNRS) | Jacques Leider (histoire, Inalco) | Francois L'Homer (birman, Inalco) | Helene Nut (histoire, Inalco) | Sylvie Paquet (histoire, CNRS) | Pierre Pichard (EFEO) | William Pruitt (linguistique/sciences religieuses, Pali Text Society) | Catherine Raymond (histoire de l'art/archeologie, Inalco) | Francois Robinne (CNRS) | Guillaume Rozenberg (ethnologie, EHESS) | Alice Vittrant (sciences du langage, Paris VIII) | Marie Yin Yin Myint (birman, Inalco)
Author/creator: Guillaume Rozenberg
Language: Francais, French
Source/publisher: L'Association francaise pour la recherche sur l'Asie du Sud-Est (AFRASE) - Dossier (lettre no. 53, mars 2001)
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 24 May 2005

Title: Ashley South: Publications on Burma
Description/subject: List of published books and links to more than 20 online documents, mostly on the Mon, the Karen and internal displacement in Burma/Myanmar ....."Ashley South is an independent writer and consultant, specialising in humanitarian and political issues in Burma/Myanmar and Southeast Asia."
Language: English
Source/publisher: Ashley South
Format/size: html, pdf
Date of entry/update: 24 January 2009

Title: Bertil Lintner: Publications on Burma
Description/subject: Full text online: about 80 Burma-related articles, reviews and papers...Purchase details: 8 Books...CV + bibliography of longer items (under "About")
Language: English
Source/publisher: Asia Pacific Media Services
Format/size: html
Date of entry/update: 29 April 2009

Title: Gustaaf Houtman : Burma-Related Publications
Description/subject: Mainly online material
Author/creator: Gustaaf Houtman
Language: English
Source/publisher: Gustaaf Houtman
Format/size: html, pdf
Alternate URLs: http://sites.google.com/site/ghoutman/
Date of entry/update: 07 January 2011

Title: Josef Silverstein: publications on Burma
Description/subject: Revised December 2002
Language: English
Format/size: html (82K)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003

Title: Oliver B. Pollak: List of publications on Burma
Description/subject: Revised December 2002
Language: English
Format/size: html (25K)
Date of entry/update: 03 June 2003