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Senior General Than Shwe Gives Guid

I thought this report was worth circulating -- DA

Senior General Than Shwe Gives Guidance to UDNR Trainees 

The Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council, Commander-in-Chief 
of Defence Services Senior General Than Shwe gave guidance to the trainees of 
the Primary Teachership Course No.33 of the University for Development of 
National Races (UDNR) in Mingala Hall of the Pyithu Hluttaw Building in 
Yangon on 29 January. The Chairman delivered the address. In his address, the 
Senior General said: "I also believe that as you have been trained at the 
UDNR in accord with these aims and objectives, you will have already realized 
the attitude and conviction you should adopt when discharging your duties in 
your native towns at the end of this course. The opening of the University 
for Development of National Races is for nurturing the youths from border 
regions like you and it is in accordance with the historic needs. Moreover, 
schools for development of the youths of the border regions have been opened 
to give them vocational training also related to socio-economic subjects. 
Now, measures have been taken to open Nationalities Youth Resources 
Development Degree Colleges in Mandalay and Yangon to enable them to pursue 
higher education there and to discharge education, health and administrative 
duties in their respective regions. 

Opportunities have been created to enable outstanding students of the border 
area youth development schools, degree colleges and UDNR continue their 
studies in other institutions of higher learning. At a time when there emerge 
good opportunities for youth of border areas to get access to higher 
learning, the role of UDNR students, who are to educate the youths of border 
areas, has become more significant and important. As much as the 
opportunities created by the State can be used effectively, nationality 
youths of border areas will emerge as the human resources with higher 
education en masse and the pace of progress in implementing the border area 
development tasks will further be accelerated. 

The tasks which will ensure adequate food, clothing and shelter conditions 
for the regional people and which will rapidly promote regional economy are 
agriculture and livestock breeding. As the trainees have practically learnt 
agricultural and livestock breeding sciences at the university, they should 
strive to become models in showing the way for systematic progress of 
agriculture, livestock breeding and other businesses of the local national 
races. Thus, they should make efforts to promote agriculture and livestock 
breeding stage by stage in developing the national peopleâ??s food, clothing 
and shelter conditions and economy. Moreover, they should always strive to 
organize the people with the conviction to ensure peace, stability and 
progress in the nation, to make the nation more powerful and to enhance the 
spirit of national solidarity and the Union Spirit. 

Our border regions have developed. They are now completely different from ten 
years ago when there was no peace. These achievements have been attained 
because of the government's endeavours for the development of border areas to 
minimize the gap of development across the country. The national people can 
distinguish good and evil for they have witnessed higher living standard. We, 
national people, will preserve the peaceful life gained by the goodwill of 
the government. I believe that border areas where we live will soon catch up 
with the regions that are already developed. It is encouraging to see 
cooperation among national people under the leadership of the government. It 
is necessary to educate local youths in efforts to continue endeavours for 
the development of our regions, border areas. Education promotion programmes 
are being carried out systematically. Altogether 42,272 schools including 
affiliated schools have been opened at basic education level to educate 
youths. We promise to nurture our pupils to possess patriotic spirit, good 
character and knowledge". 

Information Sheet No. B-1696(I) 30th January, 2001