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Information is an obligation: Verma

Information is an obligation: Verma

The Asian Age (New Delhi)
December 11, 2000

By Our Correspondent

New Delhi, Dec. 10: The National Human Rights Commission chairman
Justice J.S. Verma said on Sunday that the right of information was a
constitutional obligation.

?Let us translate into action what we are talking about,? Justice Verma
said while speaking on the Human Rights Day.

Observing the 52nd anniversary of adoption of the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights, Justice Verma said the role of the NHRC was
complementary to judiciary. He said human rights violations result from
inequalities, which exist within the nation and world-wide.

?In a democracy, participatory role in governments can be realized only
if right to information exists so that the public can make an informed
choice. Denial of empowerment to sections of society is denial of these
basic human rights,? he said. ?We should participate in ensuring human
rights and not just educate others,? he added emphasizing the awareness
and education about human rights in the society.

Justice Verma said human development and human rights were linked and
human development was not possible without their empowerment.

Speaking on the occasion, Magsaysay Award winner Aruna Roy said in a
poor country where there are basic inequalities in distribution of
wealth and opportunities, the need for people to get their rights was
very important.