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Press Conference to put forward evi


Press Conference to put forward evidence of
continuous use of forced labour in Burma

Brussels 31 October 2000 (ICFTU OnLine):
The independent Federation of Trade Unions -
Burma (FTUB) is organising an important press
conference tomorrow, November 1, where
evidence on practices of forced labour will be
presented to the media. The press
conference will be held at noon in the Foreign
Correspondent Club in Bangkok, Thailand. The
FTUB is expected to bring in witnesses that suffered
from forced labour practices in Burma as recently as
October 4.

In June 2000 the ILO served an ultimatum on the
Burmese military junta to abolish forced labour in law
and in practice by November 30, 2000, or face severe
consequences for its diplomatic, political and economic
relations with the rest of the world.

Extensive evidence has been gathered by the FTUB?s
Human Rights department and other organisations
since June 16, when the ILO resolution was passed.
?We are being flooded with interviews, videos and
other documentary evidence, including hundreds of
  «forced labour orders»", an ICFTU spokesperson said
today in Brussels. ?There is not the slightest doubt
that army officers have continued to exact forced
labour from civilians in all parts of the country after
  the ILO resolution was adopted; we know their names,
ranks, units and movements. We shall make them
public if needed?, he added.

Last Friday, an ILO technical mission returned from
Rangoon, where it had been invited by Burma?s military
junta, the SPDC. According to ICFTU sources in the
region, the ILO mission met with the top SPDC
hierarchy, including the junta?s Secretary One, LT.
Gen. Khin Nyunt. The mission also met the junta?s
Foreign Affairs, Labour and Justice Ministers. According
to ICFTU sources, the ILO mission was unable to meet
Nobel Peace Laureate and National League for
Democracy leader, Daw Aung Sang Suu Kyi, ?for lack
of time?.

The ILO decision on Burma is due on November 16, 2000.

ICFTU Burma Campaign  www.icftu.org

For more information, please contact +32 477 28 63 04
or the ICFTU Press Department on +32 2 224 0212.