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Mizzima: Villagers to be resettled

Villagers to be resettled for new trade route in Indo-Burma border

Zokhuttha (Indo-Burma border), Mizoram State of India
October 25, 2000, Mizzima News Group (www.mizzima.com)

The authorities in Mizoram State of India have issued an order asking
the local villagers to move from their village for constructing
buildings for up-coming border trade route in Indo-Burma border.
Champhai District authorities issued an order on October 20 for the
villagers in Zokhuttha Village (bordering with Rid village of Burma) to
move to nearby Phulmawi village, which is less than one kilometer far
from Burmese border.

The authorities are constructing two buildings in Zokhuttha Village: one
is for immigration and another is for customs for the border trade
route, which is expected to open soon in the area.

Indo-Burma border trade, which was officially operationalized in 1995,
is currently carrying out through Tamu-Moreh route (Tamu in Sagaing
Division of Burma and Moreh in Manipur State of India). The two
countries are making efforts to open additional trade routes and one of
them is Rid-Zokhuttha (Rid in Chin State of Burma and Zokhuttha in
Mizoram State of India), which crosses the Tio border stream.

Champhai D.C. Mr. K. Riachho told the media persons recently that total
215 houses, which are now scattering in and around Zokhuttha village
will be rehabilitated in Phulmawi village by the end of November. The
Mizoram government said that it would provide all necessary expenses and
compensation to the villagers for the resettlement.

The Mizoram government, through Border Road Organization (BRO), is
planning to start construction of the trade-related buildings in
Zokhuttha village in the first week of December, said Mr. K. Riachho.

The government of India has already decided to offer finance, skills and
human power in constructing a bridge crossing the Tio stream (which
borders the two countries) to facilitate the border trade. Although,
Burmese authorities have not signaled for the construction yet, the
hardware materials such as iron posts and bricks are already stationed
at the border village in India side.