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Myanmar Media Accuse Neo-Colonialis

Myanmar Media Accuse Neo-Colonialists of Opposing Others

Xinhua, 18 October 2000.   The official newspaper The New
Light of Myanmar Wednesday accused neo-colonialist nations
of the West of opposing and insulting the nations which have
been recognized by the world nations including themselves.

"They are trying to attack and destroy other nations following
double-standard policies," the newspaper charged in an article
titled "The Rights of Every Nation".

Lacking sense of shame and dignity and taking the loss of
balance of power between the super-power nations as an
opportunity, some big western colonialist countries are brazenly
interfering in the internal affairs of other nations including Myanmar,
the newspaper said.

It also charged that these countries, which were once the experienced
colonialists and dub themselves as the champions of democracy, are
continuously launching perpetrations one after another to destroy

The newspaper sticked to that the most desired things of the people
of Myanmar at present are perpetuation of the union, sovereignty
which is independent, unity and peace, stability and development
of the nation, adding that they do not want these conditions to get
lost or being attacked.

It praised the present government of having made brilliant efforts
to bring these conditions back to the nation.