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(AFP) Detained Myanmar journalist c

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>>    Detained Myanmar journalist close to death, watchdog says
>>    BANGKOK, Oct 17 (AFP) - A Myanmar opposition journalist who has been
>>detained without trial since May 1996 is close to death after suffering two
>>heart attacks, Reporters Sans Frontieres said Tuesday.
>>    Soe Thein, 55, who is also a member of the opposition National League for
>>Democracy (NLD), was hospitalised at the end of September in Yangon after a
>>second heart attack, the France-based watchdog said in a statement received
>>    According to friends and family, Soe Thein, who suffered his first heart
>>attack in July 1997, is dying, Reporters Sans Frontiere added, saying it was
>>"very concerned" about the state of his health.
>>    The watchdog has called on the Myanmar military junta to "make every 
>> effort
>>to release the journalist immediately so he receives the necessary care."
>>    Three Myanmar journalists have died in detention in the past 10 
>> years, and
>>at least 12 others are currently held in Myanmar jails, according to the
>>French organisation.
>>    The NLD, headed by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, won legislative
>>elections 10 years ago, but the junta has refused to accept the results and
>>hand over power, and the elected parliament has never met.
>>    agr/jkb/ajp