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Burma classifies caffeine as narcot

Burma classifies caffeine as narcotic drug

UPI, Rangoon, 4 October 2000. Burma's state-controlled media
Wednesday published new government regulations declaring
caffeine a narcotic drug.

"The Ministry of Health of the Union of Myanmar (Burma) proclaimed
caffeine a narcotic drug or a chemical used as a precursor in making
psychotropic substances, in exercise of sub-section (b) of Section
16 and sub-section (b) of Section 30 of the Narcotic Drugs and
Psychotropic Substances Law," said the brief announcement.

The announcement in the English language New Light of Myanmar
newspaper did not say whether coffee drinkers would be prosecuted
under the law or what the penalties for possession would be..
Burmese law carries tough penalties, including death, for the
possession of narcotics such as heroin and opium. It also classifies
amphetamines, the production of which are rampant at clandestine
laboratories along the Thai border, as narcotics.

The U.S. government has accused the ruling junta in Burma of
widespread and systematic involvement in the production of opium,
heroin and amphetamines.

[I wonder if the generals are planning to retaliate, and accuse the US
of widespread and systematic involvement in the coffee business -- DA]