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[Khin Nyunt's view of history] Burm

BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific

Burmese leader says government has duty to prevent "destructive acts"

SOURCE: Radio Myanmar, Rangoon, in Burmese 1330 gmt 30 Sep 00

Burmese leader Khin Nyunt has said that the government has a duty to 
prevent destructive acts
which threaten peace and stability, according to a report broadcast on 
Rangoon radio. He also
accused neo-colonialist nations of using groups within Burma as well as 
international organizations
to destabilize Burma.

Excerpts from report by Burmese radio on 30th September

A conclusion ceremony of Special Refresher Course No 41 for Basic Education 
Teachers was held
at the Nawarat Hall of the Central Institute of Civil Service in Phaunggyi, 
Hlegu Township, Yangon
Rangoon Division, at 0930 local time today. Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt, chairman of 
Myanmar Burma
Education Committee and secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development 
Council SPDC ,
attended and delivered an address.

SPDC Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt said: It is a historical fact that the 
Myanmar Burmese lived
with their own monarch and sovereign power. After the nation was subjected 
to colonialism and fell
under subjugation, seeds of discord and suspicion were sown among the 
Myanmar national people
through various ways and means...

Suspicion among the national races and divergent ideologies, which came to 
exist due to the
colonialists was like an amber fire and laid dormant in the period of 
independence struggle but after
independence was regained, national races rose in armed revolt against each 
other. At that time,
some neo-colonialist nations provided assistance and drove a wedge among 
the national brethren
with every intention of fanning the flames of internal conflict.

It is evident that due to instigation and interference of some 
neo-colonialist nations, the country was
on the verge of falling into an abyss during the 1988 disturbances mass 
democracy protests . Now
again, some neo-colonialist nations, blatantly using internal traitors, 
absconders, and so-called
international organizations under their sway, are attempting to disrupt 
endeavours of the government
for modernization and development of the country. As the balance of power 
among big nations has
been upset in the world, some colonialist nations, jumping at that 
opportunity, are blatantly interfering
in the internal affairs and attempting to disrupt the stability, peace and 
tranquility of other nations
under guise of diplomacy with no regard for mutual respects.

The purpose of relating historical events is to get all to clearly know the 
wicked character of
colonialists, who breed power-maniac traitors and spies to break up 
internal unity and sow discord
among national races while attempting to dominate small nations and 
bullying small nations into
becoming their lackeys.

It is found that although knowing the true colour of these colonialists, a 
group of destructive
elements, dancing to the tune of their mentors, are resorting to a 
collision course. They are attempting
to disrupt peace and stability and instigate unrest for the government to 
take action. If the
government let things happen then efforts to achieve the democratic goal 
can be delayed...

Today in Myanmar, the government which holds the legislative, executive, 
and judicial powers,
though not a democratic one, is working for the benefit of the nation and 
the people in a constructive
way in accord with the democratic practices which are carried out in every 
nation of the world...

Destructive elements bent on perpetrating destructive activities, take 
account of nothing but their
self-interest and are ready to do any act detrimental to the interests of 
the State and the people.
Therefore, destructive acts can be done with ease. There is no government 
which accepts
detrimental acts and every government will surely prevent such acts. It is 
the duty of every
government to prevent the danger of destructive acts designed to disrupt 
peace and stability of the

Today in Myanmar, there are those who are resorting to a collision course, 
who do not understand
the duty and rights of the government which is safeguarding the interests 
of the people, and those
who are pretending not to understand and know the efforts of the government 
with every intention of
disrupting the stability, peace and tranquility of the State. Against all 
odds, the government has been
set on achieving its goal in accord with the law and will step up efforts 
to develop the nation, to fulfil
the food, shelter and clothing needs of the people, to raise the living 
standard of the people and to
ensure stability, peace and tranquility of the State. It will continue to 
pursue its set national policy,
aims and objectives relentlessly...

To achieve the national goal, the people including teachers need to be able 
to distinguish between
constructive acts and destructive acts and to maintain the good tradition 
of cooperating with the

In conclusion, he urged all to strive for the emergence of a peaceful, 
modern, and developed nation
and successful implementation of education promotion programmes designed to 
develop human
resources and to enable the Union to stand tall in the international 
community. He also urged them to
organize and train the youths while safeguarding against the danger of 
internal and external
destructive elements attempting to disrupt stability, peace and 
tranquility, and development of the
State. He urged them to strive for the flourishing and propagation of Union 
Spirit and national
solidarity, which are the true strengths necessary to repel political, 
economic and cultural infiltration
of neo-colonialists and their lackeys through the media.

Next, the trainees were presented with awards and certificates. SPDC 
Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin
Nyunt presented awards to outstanding trainees...