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Burmese opposition radio reports cl

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Burmese opposition radio reports clash between army, military intelligence

SOURCE: Democratic Voice of Burma, Oslo, in Burmese 1245 gmt 1 Oct 00

Text of report by Burmese opposition radio on 1st October

Some casualties were reported in an exchange of fire between the army and 
Military Intelligence
personnel in Sinhtein Village of Mergui Township in Tenasserim Division on 
27th September. DVB
Democratic Voice of Burma correspondent Myint Maung Maung filed this report.

Myint Maung Maung: An exchange of fire occurred on 27th September between 
an army group led
by Section Commander Capt Kyaw Han Win of 3rd Section, 2nd Company of LIR 
Light Infantry
Regiment No 103 which was on security duty at Sinhtein Village in Mergui 
Township and a military
intelligence group led by Lt Aung Myint Thein of Military Intelligence MI 
Unit No 19 which is
stationed in Mergui. Six MI personnel from Mergui based MI-19 arrived at 
Sinhtein Village on 6th
September evening and searched the local militia people without informing 
the village security unit.
They were also reported to have searched the army camps of the 3rd Section. 
About 0900 local
time on 27th September, Section Commander Capt Kyaw Han Win and two 
soldiers came to the
house of Sinhtein Village Peace and Development Council PDC chairman where 
the MI personnel
were putting up and inquired about the search carried out at the camps. The 
MI personnel did not
give them any explanations and a squabble ensued. Then MI unit leader Lt 
Aung Myint Thein started
shooting. One soldier from 3rd Section was killed and another was wounded 
in the incident. MI unit
leader Lt Aung Myint Thein was also killed instantly in a retaliatory fire 
by Section Commander Capt
Kyaw Han Win. End of recording