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FW: NLD under the boots of dictator


>Dear all,
>Here are some points important to be known by the international community.
>1) All members of NLD including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and U Tin Oo were 
>handcuffed forcibly by the authorities before they were sent back to 
>Rangoon. The NLD youths refused to be handcuffed and as a result there was 
>a brawl between the youths and the police in which 9 youths were beaten 
>hard and seriously injured. But they were not hospitalised and directly 
>sent to the Insein prison. DASSK and UTO only were sent back to their home.
>Now, those detained in Insein jail are
>U Soe Myint (a member of CEC and Chairman of Rangoon division NLD),
>Dr.Myo Aung (member of Rangoon Division NLD organising committee) and the 
>NLD youths who are as follows:
>1- Htun Zaw Zaw ( Rangoon division)
>2- Myo Nyunt (Rangoon division)
>3- Htun Myint (same)
>4- Thein Lwin (same)
>5- Aung Htoo (same)
>6- Khin Oo (same)
>7- Moe Thaw (a) Pauk Pauk (same)
>8- Myint Kyaw (same)
>9- Shwe Gyo (same)
>10- Than Htut (same)
>11- Nyan Lin Aung (same)
>12- Aye Myein Lin (same)
>13- Than Htun (same)
>14- Thein Swe (Irrawaddy Division)
>15- Zaw Min Kyaw (same)
>16- Min Aung Nyo (Mon State)
>We are much worried about their health.
>2) The NLD members of Dala township who were nearby were arrested at the 
>same time but released after few hours. But they  were arrested again at 
>afternoon the same day and sent to jail.
>3) All the CEC members of NLD were taken under house arrest since the 
>early morning of September 2nd. All telephone lines are cut off and no one 
>is allowed to enter or get out. It include the residence of DASSK and U 
>Tin Oo. U Tin Oo had a chance to talk to outside about 15 minutes after he 
>arrived back from Dala but suddenly his house and tel line were cut off 
>from outside. In total there are ten CEC members.
>4) The NLD MP's homes are also under watch. All tel lines of their 
>residences were cut on September 2nd but some were reconnected on 
>September 3rd. But all are under watch and tel lines are tapped.
>5) NLD Head office was raided on September 2nd by police and MIS. All 
>doors of rooms were crushed and opened by force and all the files and 
>office materials were searched. The office has been under siege up until 
>September 3rd evening. There are about 10 police at the main gate and no 
>NLD member is allowed to come in.
>All NLD members and other people who came to NLD HQ on the morning of 
>September 2nd without knowing the situation were arrested and taken away 
>by trucks to jail.