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Mizzima:Crack-down on Foreigners co

Crack-down on Foreigners continue in Mizoram

July 30,2000
Mizzima News Group

 Mizoram police continues its operation against foreigners and illegal
workers in the State.
 About a hundred Burmese nation0als have been arrested so far. U Than
Sein, an exiled member of parliament from the NLD party and two members
from the All Burma Students' Democratic Front (ABSDF) who were also
among those arrested Burmese on July 28, have been released yesterday.
 The fate of other foreigners including U Than Sein's daughter and son
in law is unknown. They are put in central jail in Aizawl, the capital
of the Mizoram State of India. They will be charged with foreigner's act
at the magistrate office on Monday and believed to be sent back to the
Burma border.
 Estimated between 40,000 to 50,000 Chin and Lushai nationalities from
Burma are living in the Mizoram State of India, which is sharing the
border with Chin State of Burma. Apart from them, estimately about one
thousand handloom weavers from middle and upper part of Burma are
working in various handloom houses in the State.
 Whenever the police in Mizoram launches the operation against
foreigners, these Burmese handloom workers are the most sufferers and
easy to catch them because of their recognizable appearance.