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Mizzima: A teenage girl gang-raped

A teenage girl gang-raped by Burmese soldiers in Western Burma

Dhaka, July 17, 2000
Mizzima News Group (www.mizzima.com)

A group of soldiers and policemen allegedly raped a 14-year old girl
from a village in Sittwe Township of Arakan State of Burma, a witness
told to our reporter yesterday.

The girl, Ma Nyo, was on her way to home in Kywe Taw village from her
uncle's funeral in the evening of 10th July when a group of soldiers and
policemen stopped her nearby her village. Some villagers saw the
soldiers and police asking the girl and forced her into the bushes and
later gang-raped.

Although the girl shouted asking help from the villagers, nobody dared
to rescue her as the soldiers were with their weapons.

When some villagers rushed to her house and informed her relatives about
the incident, the girl's brothers and neighbours rushed to the spot and
found the girl in shattering and blood spreading all over her shirt and
longyi. Her undergarments were tattered and torn.

The girl was reportedly under treatment at her house but no case has
been so far registered against the culprits.

A witness told our reporter that seven soldiers from Light Infantry
Battalion No. 20 and seven policemen were involved in the gang rape.