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Mizzima: Bangladeshi Scientist inve

Bangladeshi Scientist invents "centesimal" clock.

Mizzima News Group
July 10, 2000

A Bangladeshi scientist has invented a "centesimal" clock under metric
system, saying that watch would ensure more proper use of time
fulfilling the need of the day.

Mohamad Abdullah, basically an agriculture scientist said his invention
was the out come of a long nine years of research and it would come the
time dividing 24 hours into 100 units. The hour has to be divided into
100 minutes and one minute into 100 seconds.

He said a sample clock has already been submitted to the patent office
for registration.

The Centesimal system of country item could be used in watches, clocks
and other electronic devices including computer.

The normal mathematical practices will be followed to determine the
other units of time like microsecond and nanosecond.