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Myanmar to Set Up More Fish, Prawn

Myanmar to Set Up More Fish, Prawn Breeding Farms

Xinhua, Yangon, 21 June 2000.   Myanmar is planning to set up more fish 
breeding farms in Twantay township, the country's Yangon
division, where there are over 688 hectares of lands remaining for such 
farming, official newspaper The
New Light of Myanmar reported Wednesday.

These farms are to be allotted to organizations and individuals who will 
undertake the activities, the
report said.

There are altogether 11,745 hectares of livestock breeding farms in the 
Yangon division and Twantay
township is the largest area for fish breeding among the states and divisions.

According to the newspaper's another report, arrangements are also being 
made to establish 2,025
hectares of prawn breeding farms in Mayanzweba and Kyauktan townships in 
the same division.

The Myanmar fishery authorities are calling for drawing up a three-year 
plan for development of prawn
farming not only in the Yangon division but also in other states and 
divisions such as Ayeyawaddy,
Bago, Rakhine, Kayin, Mon and Tanintharyi where favorable conditions 
prevail for such undertakings
with the use of conventional as well as scientific methods.

There are 40,480 hectares of fish and prawn breeding ponds in Myanmar and 
the output from them
goes to 90,000 tons annually.

Fishery sector is the third largest contributor to the country' s gross 
domestic product (GDP) after
agriculture and forestry, sharing 7.3 percent of the GDP.

Myanmar annually exports 58,900 tons of fish and prawn, of which fish 
accounts for 45,700 tons, while
prawn represents 13,200 tons.

Export earning from them totals about 150 million U.S. dollars annually 
with the sector also standing as
the third largest foreign exchange earner after agriculture and forestry.

Myanmar's per capita fish and prawn consumption is 18 kilograms.