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Mizzima: Burmese navy seized a spee

Burmese navy seized a speedboat and killed a LTTE fighter

June 9, 2000
Mizzima News Group (www.mizzima.com)

Burmese navy seized a speedboat suspected to be of LTTE and killed a
Tamil tiger in a sea encounter in southern Burma last Sunday, Burmese
opposition radio Democratic Voice of Burma reported on Friday night.

In an apparently first-ever report of clash between Burmese navy and Sri
Lankar's Tamil rebels, a Burmese navy ship (No. 551) attacked a LTTE
speedboat in the southern Burma's sea in 4th June afternoon. The place
is about 5 km far from Long Lon Island which situated in the south of
Tavoy (Dawei), Burma's southern port.

During the encounter, one Mr. Tibanbe from LTTE and Mr. Khaing Thaung
Zam from Arakan Army were killed, reported DVB which aired from Norway.

Moreover, the Burmese navy arrested Mr. Kijarsin from LTTE, two Arakans
from Arakan Army and one Mon.

Burmese navy also recovered thirty-three pistols (point 45), forty-two M
16 assault rifles, nine machine guns (China made) and a large number of
ammunition from the ship.

The arrested rebels were taken to Tenessariam (Tanin-Tharyi) Navy
Headquarters in Katan Island, near Mergue (Myeik), another southern port
of Burma.

The LTTE ship was reportedly on its way from southern Thailand to Jaffna
Island in Sri Lanka.

It was not known till now that there is a close relationship between
LTTE and Arakan Army, armed wing of National United Party of Arakan
(NUPA) which is fighting against the Burmese military junta for
self-determination and freedom.