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Mizzima: 4,000 Phensidyl bottles si

4,000 Phensidyl bottles seized in Bangladesh

Dhaka, June 8, 2000
Mizzima News Group  (www.mizzima.com)

Bangladesh police yesterday recovered 4,000 bottles phensidyl estimated
to be worth about Taka Five lakh from a highway truck.

The contrabands were seized when police personnel from Shibalaya Station
searched the truck, which was coming to Dhaka from Banapol, Indian
border town. The truck driver and helper were arrested.

Bangladesh police had, in the past, seized thousands of phensidyl
bottles several times along this road but the flow of phensidyl from
India to Bangladesh continues.

Many college students, both male and female, in Bangladesh imbibe
phensidyl, a cough syrup smuggled from India.

Moreover, phensidyl bottles are smuggled from Bangladesh to Burma across
the border. Not less than 1,000 bottles of phensidyl are being smuggled
every week to Moung Daw in Arakan State of Burma through Taknaf, trade
sources in the Bangladesh boder town say.

Like in Bangladesh, youngsters in Burma imbibe phensidyl as drug to
escape their sense of disillusionment and frustration over the country's
situation. Major universities in Burma have been exclusively closed
since December 1996 by the ruling military junta to prevent the students
from political assembling.