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BurmaNet: Letter from the Editor

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If you are reading this, your address is subscribed to an email 
distribution list hosted by Topica.com for The BurmaNet News.  BurmaNet 
has moved its primary list server from Topica in March 2000 and is now 
purging the Topica subscription list.  Purging this list will not affect 
your subscription to BurmaNet--if you have been receiving Burma, you 
will continue to do so.  What will happen is that you should receive a 
message from "Natasha", a computer server at Topica, informing you that 
the BurmaNet-l mailing list has been deleted.  Please ignore the message 
as it will not affect your subscription.

If you have any questions or want to receive The BurmaNet News and have 
not been receiving it, please send an email to strider@xxxxxxx

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