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Authorities fear monks will create

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
1 June, 2000

Opposition radio: Authorities fear monks will create disturbances

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma, Oslo, in Burmese 1245 gmt 30 May 00

Text of report by Burmese opposition radio on 30th May

Although monks' unrest did not occur in accord with the threat from
the Mandalay Sangha Thammagi Association, security forces are still
stationed near monasteries and teaching monasteries. It has been
learned that responsible commanders and district and township
Peace and Development Councils are organizing monks not only
from renowned monasteries in Yangon [Rangoon], Mandalay, Pakokku,
Pegu and Myingyan but from all over the country.

It is learnt that beginning yesterday morning, authorities started to
present supplications to abbots of monasteries and teaching
monasteries in Mergui and Kawthaung District in Tenasserim Division to
control and prevent the monks from their respective monasteries
creating any form of unrest.

Col Soe Thet, commander of No 1 Tactical Command, and authorities
from the District Peace and Development Council were said to have
supplicated the abbots of teaching monasteries in Tavoy to
prevent unrest. Col Soe Thet requested the abbots to advise the novice
monks, in accord with Buddhist teachings, not to cause disturbances
so that the country will not lose face.