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Mergui monks join protest, 29 detai

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
May 18, 2000

Mergui monks join protest, 29 detained by military intelligence

Source: Democratic Voice of Burma, Oslo, in Burmese 1245 gmt 16 May 00

Text of report by Burmese opposition radio on 16th May

Dear listeners. Monks from Mergui have been protesting peacefully since
9th May and there have been reports that the SPDC [State Peace and
Development Council] Military Intelligence [MI] personnel have been arresting
them. DVB correspondent Myint Maung Maung filed this report.

[Myint Maung Maung] Mandalay Sangha Thatmathi Association's
announcement and declaration on monks' unity have been receiving
tremendous support from the monks in Mergui. On 5th May, the
monks in Mergui decided to put the declaration into action by refusing
to attend religious functions outside their respective monasteries.
Monks from all Sartintaik monasteries and six other monasteries
simultaneously started the protests on 9th May.

Capt Nyunt Maung and party from MI-19 in Mergui District arrested
10 monks on 12th May for their refusal to beg for alms and to give
religious sermons outside their monasteries. Those arrested were
from Kanbwayathti Yadanabommi Pariyatti Sartintaik and
  Naukleyathti Wettaikkyaung Sartintaik in Mergui.

With the 19 monks detained lately and the recent arrest of 10
  more monks, it has been learned that 29 monks have been
detained so far by the MI.