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Oil company undertakes 20-year offs

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
May 17, 2000

Oil company undertakes 20-year offshore project; maritime warning issued

Source: Radio Myanmar, Rangoon, in Burmese 1330 gmt 9 May 00

Text of report by Burmese radio on 9th May

Premier Myanmar Oil Company will be engaged in Yetagun offshore
natural gas development project for 20 years. During this time, for
the safety and security of the natural gas drilling rig, construction rig,
and floating warehouse vessel; to avoid damage or lost of job-related
equipment; and to avoid work delays, the areas which falls within a
five-nautical-mile radius from the production rigs and warehouse
vessel have been designated as restricted zones.

Furthermore, all maritime vessels are also prohibited from anchoring
near and along the offshore natural gas pipeline in order to prevent
causing any damage to the pipeline.

A maritime warning has been issued by the Fisheries Department
warning all local and foreign coastal and deep-sea fishing vessels
not to engage in any fishing activities within the five-nautical-mile radius
restricted zones and to be extra careful when passing above the underwater
offshore natural gas pipeline.