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Khin Nyunt: "...peace and tranquil

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts
May 11, 2000
Part 3 Asia-Pacific; SOUTHEAST ASIA; CAMBODIA; FE/D3837/S1

Leader says neocolonialists disrupting country's economy

Source: TV Myanmar, Rangoon, in Burmese 1330 gmt 8 May 00

Excerpts from report by Burmese TV on 8th May

Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt, chairman of the Work Committee for Development of Border 
Areas and National
Races and secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council [SPDC] met 
with local authorities
and departmental personnel in Myitkyina, Kachin State, on 7th May...

Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt held a meeting with local authorities, departmental 
personnel and members of
USDA and other social organizations at the town hall in Myitkyina in the 

In his address at the meeting, Secretary-1 Lt-Gen Khin Nyunt said he and 
the ministers have come to
Kachin State to attend to the needs Kachin State for development. He said 
Head of State Senior
General Than Shwe often comes, almost once a year, to Kachin State to give 
guidance for its progress.
Vice-Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council Gen Maung Aye had 
visited the state in
the previous month, he noted. He expressed his belief that local 
authorities and officials are realizing the
counsels given by leaders of the state for progress of Kachin State...

He said, according to the reports presented by officials, Kachin State is 
making progress. The state now
is selling its surplus produce including rice to other regions. Due to the 
harmonious efforts of local
authorities and departmental personnel, Kachin State is making progress. 
Development undertakings
can be carried out more as peace and stability prevails in Kachin State. As 
the national groups have
returned to the legal fold with the aim of developing Kachin State and its 
people, the region is gaining
peace, stability and progress. As Kachin State is gaining peace and 
stability, the government is
enhancing its endeavours for further progress of the state and its people...

Roads and bridges are being built for ensuring smooth and secure transport 
in the region. Travel time
between Myitkyina and Putao has been cut to 12 hours from one week. Bridges 
including Bala Minhtin
have been built in upgrading Myitkyina-Bhamo Road. 
Shwebo-Naba-Mogaung-Myitkyina Road on the
western bank of the Irrawaddy River and 
Mandalay-Tagaung-Shwegu-Bhamo-Myitkyina Road on the
eastern bank has also been completed at present. The Union Highway 
stretches on both banks of the

He said Lweje has been upgraded to town level and a border trade point has 
opened. Another border
trade point was opened in Lizer region. Plans are under way to open a new 
border entry point for
progress of trade and tourism in the region.

The government is giving assistance and encouragement with a view to 
accelerating the rate of regional
development and improvement of living conditions of national brethren in 
Kachin State with a view
towards ensuring equitable and balanced development. He said tourism will 
soon be developed in the

He said, today, some neocolonialist nations are attempting to disrupt the 
rate of development of the
Union of Myanmar through traitorous destructionists in order to dominate 
the country. He said
although the traitorous destructionists, relying on external elements, are 
trying to undermine national
development, strong internal forces and many volunteer social organizations 
in the country, striving for
peace and tranquillity and development of the nation, have stood firm as 
reserve forces. The government
has managed to build development infrastructures such as roads, bridges, 
dams, embankments and
communication facilities by relying on internal strength.

As armed struggles come to an end, peace and tranquillity reign supreme in 
the entire nation, and
favourable economic conditions are emerging. It is, therefore, necessary 
for public servants to
participate in the efforts of the government for the further strengthening 
of the nation and for the further
accelerating the growth rate...