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BurmaNet News: Letter from the Edit

Subject: BurmaNet News: Letter from the Editor

February 17, 2000

Dear BurmaNet subscribers,

Three items:

First, and in response to the problems a number of subscribers have had 
using the Topica web interface to subscribe or unsubscribe, BurmaNet 
will soon be moving to a different server.  Some time in the next few 
days you should receive two messages.  The first will say that you have 
been unsubscribed to The BurmaNet News.  The second will say welcome to 
The BurmaNet News.  You can safely ignore them both.  In the meantime, 
if you should wish to change your subscription status, write to 

The second item of business is that the new BurmaNet News website is up. 
 You can bookmark http://www.burmanet.org and follow the appropriate 
links from there.  Feel free to send comments, advice and criticism of 
the site to strider@xxxxxxx

Finally, your opinions on the format of the email version of BurmaNet 
would be most welcome.  BurmaNet is considering producing two versions 
of the news for readers with different interests.  One version would be 
comprehensive, the other concise.  You have been receiving what would in 
future be the comprehensive version.  

The concise version would be the six most important articles per day (in 
BurmaNet's opinion), period.  No summaries, no announcements, etc.  If 
you have an opinion on either whether the concise version would be of 
use and also whether the news summaries BurmaNet has experimented with 
over the last week are helpful, please share your views.

Best regards,


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