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Mizzima: March 8: Women Make the Ne

March 8: Women Make the News

February 15, 2000
Mizzima News Group

UNESCO has appealed to the journalists and editors worldwide to give
editorial charge of news to women on coming March 8, International
Women's Day as a "day to remember". UNESCO director-general Koichiro
Matsuura, in a special appeal said, "If journalists, the media and the
organizations that represent them come together to make this initiative
a success, then for the first time in history a day's news output in
both print and broadcasting, throughout the world, will fall under the
editorial responsibility of women".

This year's International Women's Day is being planned to organize under
the theme of "March 8: Women Make the News" all over the world. The main
idea is to place news under the editorial responsibility of women
journalists for one day.