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Note from Amanda Zappia

Dear all,

As you are probably aware by now, my father has another primary cancer. 
 This time it is Mesothilioma which is a particularly vicious decease which 
has a prognosis of three to twelve months.  He was operated on the 5th 
January to remove a large tumour but the decease has already spread 
further.  Once again he has embarked on a regime of therapy which includes 
nutritional care, Chinese herbal medicine and meditation.  The conservative 
medical world sends these patients home to die without any hope of recovery 
but Dad has faith that he can, once again, cure himself with the help of 
the East.

Most of you know how close I am to my father and how much support he has 
given our movement.  He now needs my emotional support and hands on 
assistance.  I am brewing the herbs, sitting with him till he sleeps at 
night and working with conservatives and alternate doctors to try and find 
safe ways to relieve his pain and nausea.  Also helping to run his office. 
 It might sound excessive, but it is a full time job.

I have waited for his instant recovery so that I could get back into this 
office and get on with my work for Burma but this it seems is not going to 
happen in the near future.  For this reason I have made the very difficult 
decision that I am unable to work for the movement for the time being.  I 
have consulted with Prime Minister, NCGUB, Dr Sein Win, Dr Thaung Htun, 
Burma UN Service Office and Maung Maung, General Secretary of the FTUB, all 
being my key employers.  Rather than resignation their preference is 
extended leave for up to twelve months.  I have agreed to that.

Please do not think that this decision has been made lightly or easily.  I 
am devoted to the democratic movement of Burma and the many wonderful 
people with whom I work, however, I simply have no option.  At a personal 
level I am here if I can help with advice or contacts, nationally or 

The Australia Burma Council will need to hold a special meeting with the 
Burma Office in Sydney and in consultation with the NCGUB / FTUB to decide 
who will be my contact point for the purpose of referral and action.  This 
will require some organisation but as soon as possible you will be informed 
of who will be taking over the various aspects of the work of this office.

Your understanding in this matter is sought.

Could someone please send this message to the net as I have not re 
subscribed to Burma net1 since returning from New York.

My love to each and every one of you.

Amanda Zappia

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National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB)
Federation of Trade Unions, Burma (FTUB)
Australia Burma Council (ABC)

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