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Letter from the Editor--Wanted: bet

Subject: Letter from the Editor--Wanted: beta testers and news

Dear BurmaNet Subscribers,

Three issues....

1.  BurmaNet is developing a new website and is seeking beta testers to 
help debug it.  If you would like to be a beta tester for the site, 
please send an email to strider@xxxxxxxx  All that you will need to do 
is let me know which web browser you use and be willing to give feedback 
on what does, and does not work on the website.

2.  Just a reminder--if you are aware of something newsworthy related to 
Burma and it is not already showing up in the media, please share it 
with BurmaNet by writing to strider@xxxxxxxx  Names of sources will be 
kept confidential unless you indicate otherwise.

3.  As many BurmaNet subscribers have discovered, the Topica server 
which distributes The BurmaNet News does not always handle subscriptions 
and unsubscriptions well.  Until late last year, BurmaNet was hosted by 
servers at the Institute for Global Communications (IGC).  IGC has now 
transferred all of its newsgroups to Topica, including BurmaNet.

In theory, you should be able to control your own subscription 
information by signing in with Topica at http://www.igc.topica.com/my 
There is, however, a wide gulf between theory and reality.  The current 
reality seems to be that the only way to subscribe or unsubscribe is to 
email strider@xxxxxxx

Sorry for the trouble some of you have run into on this and believe me, 
I am sharing your pain.  



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