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TUE 4-JAN-2000; 11:00PM 


Since late last year, the users of the Burmanet Discussion list
(burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx) have been informed that all lists on IGC would
be hosted by TOPICA.COM. As we understand, all user-addresses of that
discussion list, "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx", were, in mandatory fashion,
moved to "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx". We are also assuming that the old
Service Provider, "igc.apc.org", has been closed down. 

As of recent, Natasha from IGC.TOPICA.COM advised us that we have been
removed from burmanet-l. To our surprise, and IS A PLEASANT ONE AT THAT,
the old Burmanet discussion list "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx" appears to be
still  operating. Recent announcement by BurmaNet Editor
<strider@xxxxxxx> to close down "burmanet-l" discusson list also doesn't
help relieve our confusion on this matter. Therefore, any knowledgeable
person/persons should please advise us on the following matters:

1) Had the user list from "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx" ever been moved to
"burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" last year ? 

2) As we understand, "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" list had been abandoned
by the BurmaNet editor,<strider@xxxxxxx>. Apparently,
"burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx" is still in operation and, therefore, who is
managing that list ? Will that discussion list,
"burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx",  continue to provide its service in a
foreseeable future ?

All people, please understand that the BurmaNet News organised by
Strder@xxxxxxx is one of the earliest and is very valuable asset to the
Burma's activist community (I am personally grateful for his
contributions-- hope he continue helping us). However, the free
discussion list "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx", has also been very important
in its contribution to date. All activists who participate on that free
discussion list have rights to send and receive information on equal
basis. Therefore, the activists from border camps to cities around the
world can efficiently communicate and organise actions. Such e-mail list
also create a sense of community and encourage participations.

I am aware that some users abused Strider in recent weeks over matters
relating with ncgub/ftub performance.[I do think the attack is
unwarranted.] Whilst this might have caused Strider to abandon
"burmanet-l@" list, the arrangement for 3-free-list have been just right
with current traffic. Taken out one list will cause much stress on the
remaining two lists. 

The other lists: Burmanet2-l,is organised by Coban Tun and Maykha-l
is hosted by Indiana university. However, I believe that
"burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx" is the most used and publicised list to date.
No one should try to confuse the users about "burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx";
and if any public discussion list is to be closed down, a grace period
should be allowed to make a smooth transition. In our experience, 3/4
month is enough to make transition to other lists or to mobilise a new

And those all our users of the free-lists (especially the Burmese), it
is important to show good net-etiquette when criticizing people on the
list. We should never take things for granted, even in using a mailing
list. The list owners, on the other hand, could become personally
possessive about their own lists and should any action be taken, that is
understandable. But the list-owners' action should not impede or
obstruct the existing exchange of information between net users.

With best regards, U Ne Oo.

Subject:         Goodbye from burmanet-l
   Date:         Tue, 28 Dec 1999 09:14:20 -0800
   From:         Topica Support <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
     To:         drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx


You have been removed from the mailing list 'burmanet-l'. 
Thank you for participating.

Please visit Topica at http://www.igc.topica.com/ and browse 
our Directory to find another list that may be of interest 
to you.

If you have any questions, please visit our help system at
http://www.igc.topica.com/ (click on "help" on the bottom of the 
screen) or email our Customer Support Department at 

Thank you,

Topica Customer Support

Subject:         BurmaNet: A letter from the editor
   Date:         Sat, 25 Dec 1999 19:38:35 -0800
   From:         BurmaNet Editor <strider@xxxxxxx>
     To:         burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear BurmaNet-L Subscribers,

On January 1st, 2000 BurmaNet will close the BurmaNet-L discussion list 
in order to concentrate on providing more and better news coverage.  The 
approximately 500 subscribers to this list will automatically be added 
to the news-only version of the BurmaNet mailing list.  

The reason for the change is that the BurmaNet discussion list is 
becoming increasingly unneeded.  When BurmaNet started the list on 
January 1st, 1994 there was no other Burma-specific forum on the 
Internet to discuss Burma.  Over the last six years, a number of 
newsgroups and discussion lists have sprung up to provide this service, 
including  the soc.culture.burma newsgroup and the burmanet2 and Maykha 

Rather than continuing to support a redundant discussion list, BurmaNet 
will focus on providing news and information about Burma.  Among the 
changes coming soon will be a web based version of each issue of The 
BurmaNet News that will have photographs, maps and other images.  The 
text only edition will continue to be distributed via a listserv but 
BurmaNet will increasingly become focused on the web.  Also later during 
the year 2000, look for a Burmese-language version of The BurmaNet News.

To those of you who wish to continue subscribing to an unmoderated 
discussion list about Burma, you can subscribe to the burmanet2 mailing 
list by sending an email to burmanet2-l-request@xxxxxxxx with the body 
of the message containing the line: subscribe 

The burmanet2 mailing list run by Coban Tun is unmoderated, uncensored 
and is independent of The BurmaNet News.

Thank you for your interest in Burma and I hope that the new BurmaNet 
will be even more useful to all of you in the Burma on-line community 
than it has been for the last six years.


EMAILS: drunoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx, uneoo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
POSTMAIL: Dr U Ne Oo, 18 Shannon Place, Adelaide SA 5000, AUSTRALIA
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