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Bangkok Post(27/11/99)

<font size=7><b>UN agency urged to aid repatriation<br>
</font><font size=5>T</font></b><font size=3>he United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees has been urged by the National Security Council
to negotiate with Rangoon the repatriation of 100,000 refugees in
NSC secretary-general Kachadpai Burusphat said it was hoped the UNHCR and
other international organisations would push for the repatriation of
Burmese who had fled over the past 15 years to escape fighting, through
talks with the Burmese government.<br>
&quot;I have asked the UNHCR to come up with decisive resolutions. The
UNHCR must consult international communities to find out how to play a
greater role in Burma and give Burma assistance, to ensure the safety of
refugees who return home,&quot; he said.<br>
More than 750 Burmese students in Bangkok had so far registered with the
UNHCR and would be sent to the Maneeloy centre in Ratchaburi, which
houses 1,100 Burmese students.<br>
The NSC chief said he believed the process to send all Burmese students
in Thailand to third countries could begin by the end of the year.<br>