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Salween river dam project (r)

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Of course, damming rivers without extensive environmental impact studies and
engineering studies and economic feasability studies is unacceptable. The
Salveen flows through thousands of miles and most ot it through ethnic minority
states in Burma. At the least, their voices should be heard.

The military regime that is used to doing things as "they" see fit, but that
have long term impact on the environment and the people must be questioned every
step of the way.

U Richard.

Kris B.Flasar wrote:

> Dear Sirs,
> I learnt that the Asian Institute of Technology, in co-operation with Oregon
> University, asked representatives of the Burmese military regime and various
> business groups to discuss ways of damming Burma's Salween river.
> I am  deeply concerned about the plans of damming the Salween river. I think
> this
> will be another project of hardcore exploitation of the nature and
> particularly of
> marvelous people living along a marvelous stream.
> It seems, that the organisers deliberately excluded members of the Burmese
> opposition and ethnic groups from this week's Chiang Mai meeting to avoid
> upsetting
> Rangoon.
> The conference legitimises and encourages controversial proposals to inflict
> potentially massive disruption on communities which will have no veto over
> development.
> Therefore I urgently ask you that all future talks over the exploitation of
> the Salween
> river must recognise the right of local people to take part in any
> negotiations.
> Kris B. Flasar
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