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Opium, arms seized in Kutkai

Opium, arms seized in Kutkai
YANGON, 17 Aug- A combined team comprising members of local intelligence unit 
and Myanmar Police Force, acting on information, searched the house of Daw 
Gyan Hsa, 50, daughter of U Aik San, who lives in Monyulay Village of Kutkai 
Township on 4 August.

The authorities seized 64 cakes of opium weighing 21.81676 kliograms.

According to further information, the team searched the house of Aik Ngo (a) 
Yan Tin Shin, 40, son of U Aik Sai of Monyulay Village.

They seized eight cakes of opium weighing 11.10394 kilograms, two M-16s, two 
magazines and 28 rounds of ammunition.

Action is taken against them under the law.