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AP-Myanmar Seeks Western Cooperatio (r)

Subject: Re: AP-Myanmar Seeks Western Cooperation

To date, SPDC has not demonstrated that "democracy" is one of their goals.
(Khin Nyunt in particular) make stupid comments like this all the time. It is
about time they took a few steps towards liberalization in the areas of
freedom of
speech, free press and freedom of movement.

U Richard

Indiana wrote:

> >Tuesday August 10 10:34 AM ET
> >
> >Myanmar Seeks Western Cooperation
> >
> >YANGON, Myanmar (AP) - A senior member of Myanmar's military >government
> has suggested his country would move toward democracy >faster if Western
> nations cooperated rather than maintaining a hostile >policy of isolation,
> state-controlled newspapers said Tuesday.
> Now, just a second, here.  This is really interesting.  I always believe in
> trying something new.  Tell me again to see if I got it right.
> >``A careful and objective study will reveal that both sides have the same
> >aim - the emergence of a democratic country. The difference is only in
> >the tactics to reach this goal,'' Khin Nyunt was quoted as saying. ``If
> >nations, which are trying to exert pressure and isolate Myanmar through
> >prejudice, adopt a positive attitude and assist Myanmar, we can achieve
> >our common goal more quickly.''
> >
> Well, that sounds really good, mate! The Aussie Human Rights mission must
> have worked!  So what's the problem, then?
> >The United States and the European Union shun the military government
> >because of its human rights abuses and failure to turn over power to an
> >elected government. The opposition National League for Democracy won >a
> landslide victory in a 1990 general election, but the army never allowed
> >parliament to convene.
> >
> >The military in Myanmar, also known as Burma, has never set a clear
> >timetable for restoring democracy.
> That doesn't sound so good.
> "Well, it's like the General says, just a question of different tactics.
> You see, the west just doesnt understand the Myanmarese way of thinking
> about democracy."
> So what is the Myanmarese way of thinking about democracy?
> "It's not so different, really.  Democracy means that the people are happy
> with the government, and the country is peaceful."
> That right, mate.
> "It's just that in the west, you do it with free speech, free elections, an
> open government, an independent court system, civilian control of the
> military, and equitable distribution of income, more or less.  It's a bit
> messy."
> True enough, it does get messy sometimes.
> "In Myanmar, we take a simpler approach.  If people are unhappy with the
> government, we just shoot them.  The result is the same, really."
> Well, I dunno.  I'll have to think about that one for a bit.
> "Take your time.  We're in no rush to change."
> >``We believe that the Western nations lack understanding of the actual
> >situation of Myanmar and the challenges it faces,'' Khin Nyunt was quoted
> >as saying. ``They are launching their attacks based on their biased
> >attitudes and ill intentions.''

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