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Junta Officer Promoted for Molestin

Subject: Junta Officer Promoted for Molesting Women: 

30 July 1999 

Junta Officer Promoted for Molesting Women

A notorious SPDC officer was recently promoted and transferred from a small
backward town to a flourishing one despite his known offenses, reported SHAN
source from the north. 

Captain An Maw, formerly Chairman of the Namkham Township Law and Order
Committee (later Namkham Township Peace and Development Committee), 1995 - 99,
an officer notorious for his penchant for pretty women, was, to the
surprise of
the people, promoted to major and moved to Muse, the booming border town
opposite Ruili (Mongmao in Shan) of Yunan Province, China. His former office
was taken over on 12 July by Capt Tin Win from Taungyan. He is widely known as
a lecherous man who used to force his will on unwilling local Shan women.
Nobody dared to challenge his power until mid 1998, when he molested a
of the local militia chief. 

"The girl was an ethnic Chinese, lived in Pansay Village, Moengwi Tract in
Namkham Township", said the source. "She was already engaged but the captain
forced her to sleep with him anyway, only to find out later that she was
related to U Kyaw Myint, the powerful local militia leader". 

The complaint went up to the Northeastern Command. "The result of which was
compensation by offering certificates of ownership to some lands, worth
millions. They were later discovered to be fakes and everyone thought the
captain was finished". 

The people could not believe what they heard, the source added, until they
told later that the major's mother used to be General Khin Nyunt's respected
school teacher. 

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