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FW: FDLAP Letter of Condolence : De

Subject: FW: FDLAP Letter of Condolence : Death of Dr. Raul Manglapus!

Free Burma Coalition, Australia
The ABC joins the FDL-AP in mourning the death of Dr Raul Manglapus.  The 
letter to his family below fully expresses the views of the ABC and the 
indeed those of us who work toward democracy and human rights for the 
Dr Manglapus worked tirelessly for the democratic movement of Burma and was 
a devoted supporter of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.  We will all miss him.

27 July 1999
Atten: FDL-AP Members and Supporters
Ref: Letter of Condolence
To: The Manglapus Family July 27, 1999
Dear Mrs. Pacita and Family,
On behalf of the FDL-AP, I would like to send my most sincere condolences 
on the parting of Mr. Raul Manglapus, who was a beloved member of the 
FDL-AP since its founding. This is a most difficult time for all of us, for 
he was a wonderful and caring man who was devoted not only in his kindness 
and sincerity, but also in is his continuous pursuit of democracy.
All throughout his life of achievements and attainments, he never forgot 
the people who suffered under dictatorships, and continuously helped to 
work towards the goal of democracy and human rights. He served as chair of 
the FDL-AP's general assembly, and was also a member of the executive 
committee. His thoughts were always reflective and positive and never 
failed in aiding other members.
Although he is now parted from us, I know that wherever his spirit may 
travel, because of his altruism and generosity, he will be as loved as he 
was when was among us here. We will miss him, but will never forget his 
humane nature and bright spirit that aided us in bringing peace to the 
I wish you my warmest regards and may God bless you.

Kim Sei-ung
Secretary General