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Calendar of Events by PD Burma

For your information,

Calendar of events with regard to Burma
Published  by  PD  Burma. 
July 20-21st 		: 6th Meeting of the 32nd ASEAN Standing Committee, Singapore

July 23-24th 		: 32nd ASEAN Ministerial Meeting (AMM), Singapore

July 26th 			: 6th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), Singapore

July 26 - 31st		: Meeting of IPU National Groups from the Asia-Pacific
Region, with IPU 					  sponsorship

August 5-6th 		: Burma update conference, The Australian National
University, Australia

August 8th 		: 11th Anniversary of the 8-8-88 uprising 

August 12-13th 		: The 3rd Annual Meeting for PD Burma, Bangkok

October 8-16th		: The 102nd Inter-Parliamentary Conference, Berlin

November 8-11th		:  Nordic Council 51st session, Stockholm

January 2000                 :  88th session of the Committee on the Human
Rights of Parliamentarians 

April/May 2000              :  103rd Inter-Parliamentary Conference, Amman
October 2000		: 104th Inter-Parliamentary Conference, Jakarta

Working on behalf of the:
National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB)
Federation of Trade Unions, Burma (FTUB)
Australia Burma Council (ABC)

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