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Statement On 52nd Anniversary of Ma

Subject: Statement On 52nd Anniversary of Martyrs' Day (RPLC)


Statement On 52nd Anniversary of Martyrs' Day

Date 19th July, 1999
No. 033

To day is the 52nd  Anniversary of the death of our independent leaders, who
were assassinated by a group of betrayers. After their death, the rest leaders
carried out the independent and Democratic causes.  They were building the
both according to the policies laid out by our Major General Aung San.  On the
2nd March 1962, General Ne Win seized the state power.  That meant all the
independence of the country had been being lost away under the betrayers.
In our conscious, the independence means the owning of the sovereignty by the
people.  So, Burma is still under colony for 37 years.  Today is the Martyrs'
Day as well as a day under colony.  We have to struggle for independence of
burma until the state power drained down from the people.  So, we have to
struggle for the second attempt for the lost independence, once General Aung
San and the leaders had been created.
Now a day, all the nationalities should be organized together with all
Democratic forces.  Hand to hand attached, the people in Burma are trying to
make alliance with the international people to struggle against the military
Colonialism laid out by the Burma military dictators.  So, we declared the
following demands to the SPDC as follows:

(1) To set free "The people representatives"  and all politicians from       

(2) To stop the wicked interferences upon the political parties.

(3) To stop the endless national conference done by the Burma        
                 military dictators and prepare for tripartite discussions as
soon as    

The Executive Committee
Rakhaing Patriotic Literature Club

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