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Bkk Post-Bid to repatriate 90,000

BangkokPost July 17, 1999.
Bid to repatriate 90,000

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will be asked to help
arrange the repatriation of some 90,000 Burmese refugees sheltered in

Kachadpai Burussapattana, secretary-general of the National Security
Council, said the issue will be raised for discussion at the UNHCR general
assembly in Geneva in October.

Thailand wants the UNHCR to co-ordinate the return of 60,000 Karen war
refugees in Tak, 20,000 Shan refugees in Mae Hong Son and more than 10,000
Mon refugees in Suan Phung district of Ratchaburi.

Mr Kachadpai said the situation in Burma had returned to normal.

Also, it had been reported Rangoon was ready to welcome back the refugees.

Meanwhile, the Shan State Army is reportedly planning to mobilise funds from
all Shan movement groups to mount a political campaign in Burma.

Leaders of the Shan army are unhappy with Shan youth groups based in
Thailand and other countries.

They say the youth groups have ignored political work in Burma.