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Okkar129 seems to have been delayed relating this dreadful
story, also he seems to have his facts all twisted..

>>Myanmar musical concert staged in London

>YANGON, <Where?) 
>14 July- A Myanmar musical concert jointly  organized by 
>Myanmar  Association (UK) and Myanmar Embassy in 
>London took place at Acton Townhall,  London,  at noon on 
>4 July. Myanmar families in Britain enjoyed it.

;-)  Oh yes?

The truth is that the papers enjoyed it  too. In fact you
are welcome to send a snail address and we will send 
from such as the wonderful Ealing Gazette, one of the 
nations  largest local newpapers... Did they write about 
this junta-binge?

Did they write all about  the Myanmar Association (UK) or
Myanmar Ambassador to UK Dr Kyaw Win and  Chairman 
U Maung Maung Hein, Sandaya Tin Win Hlaing, Than Myat 
Soe, Sai  Hti Hsaing, Mi Mi Win Pe, Kabya Bwehmu and Kyaw 
Naing, film actress Myo  Thanda Tun?????

No!!! Not a single pro junta word

Not a note of junta music either <g>.. 

But what the press photos showed were the many Burmese 
and Bristish protesters in action in Acton , including the Trades 
Union Council, Radio Free Asia, the Free Burma Coaition, and 
ourselves, Mihra..  

There were some great shots too.

Lots of fists in the airs and activistic smiles... 

>Before the concert, Myanmar traditional food items 
were sold to the audience.

The true facts are that : Before the concert all the artists 
including the so called "Star of the show", were reading Mihra 
human rights material about how they would be put on an 
international blacklist of performers if we ever heard of their 
ugly butts and quasi-talent performing on behalf of the worlds 
numero uno state heroin factory .......

And you know what? They LOVED it... 
Two have written to us saying that they would like to join this 
organisation. So, we have 2 new members...

And funny, I said to one of these doyons of junta drama, 

""Hey man. I  played with Hendrix, what did you do to get here?""

>The concert came to an end with a song "Myanmar Association 

Sheesh, somehow, I don't think that will make the charts do you??
What was it?? A march about people trying to cross the White 

>sung by the artistes and the audience including Myanmar 
families and their friends.

Oh boy!! Did they look scared when they saw all the
protesters readying to kick their gayly dressed neoblind l
ittle butts out of their junta seats. ha!! Great fun.. 

More more more, 

                  Go Okkarbabe go!!