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information on the new light of mya

Subject: information on the new light of myanmar and an additional query

Several people have expressed an interest in a data base to search for
articles in the New Light of Myanmar.  I have found a number of ways to do

1) Burma Issues in Bangkok has a database with this information.
2) www.myanmar.com has some articles from the past two years (including
this year).
3) The best way is through the World News Connection, which has full text
copies of the New Light of Myanmar and the State Television and State
Radio transmissions.  The only catch is you have to pay or be at a
university that subscribes to the service.  If you are at the latter,
however, it is a real boon!!

I have another question: Does anyone have or know where I can obtain a
map of Burma that depicts the areas designated by the Burmese
military, as black, gray, and white areas.  Obviously, which areas are so
designated has changed over time.  Any time would be useful to me.

Thanks for all of your helpful responses to my last e-mail!!


Curtis W. Lambrecht
Yale University
P.O. Box 206091
New Haven, CT 06520