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AP-Daw Kyi Kyi Released From Myanma

Subject: AP-Daw Kyi Kyi Released From Myanmar Prison

Monday July 12 9:06 AM ET

Kyi Kyi Released From Myanmar Prison

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - The 79-year-old wife of the late chairman of the
Burmese Communist Party has been pardoned and released from prison,
Myanmar's military government announced Monday.

Kyi Kyi, whose husband was killed by government soldiers in 1975, was
sentenced in November 1989 to 20 years imprisonment under internal security
provisions, according to a government announcement faxed to The Associated
Press in Bangkok.

The announcement said Kyi Kyi was pardoned and released Sunday ``out of
consideration of her age and regard for her family.''

Her late husband, Thakin Zin, was a veteran Communist leader who became
party chairman in 1968 - when the group was conducting an armed rebellion.
The party broke up in 1989 due to internal dissension and government

Myanmar is also called Burma.