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NLD Statement 87 (translation)

National League for Democracy
No:(97/B), West Shwegondine Road
Bahan Township, Rangoon

STATEMENT 87(7/99)(translation)

Contents of letter dated 28 June 1999 from the Chairman of the NLD to
the Chairman of the SPDC are reproduced for information.

(Start) 	"  Subject - The wrongful and illegal imprisonment of NLD Hluttaw 
representatives, NLD organizing committee members and ordinary members.

1.  Since September 1998 to date, a great number of NLD Parliament
representatives, organising committee members and ordinary members have been 
illegally and wrongfully arrested, held in custody and imprisoned by the 
authorities who assumed power since 1988.  It is now over ten months and 
there is no existing law that empowers such illegal

2. The truth is that they are being held illegally and under no
provision of law.  They have done nothing whatsoever that warrants
punishment. They have acted only in the interest of a national political
cause.  Politics embraces all matters that relate to the state and for
its advancement. Article 18 of the United Nations Universal Declaration
of Human Rights grants everyone the right to freedom of opinion and
expression.  Burma is a signatory to this declaration.

3.  These places of incarceration have been falsely represented as -
" government guest houses' and for the purpose of holding "discussions" -    
a monstrous distortion of the truth.
This should never ever happen. By force, intimidation and coercion,
those that are being so held are made to resign from their positions as
Parliament representatives, organising committee members, and membership of 
the NLD.  Holding a person in confinement and applying pressure in this 
manner (either physical or mental) constitutes a crime.

4.  Our information is that appropriate food, medical care and lodgings
are not given to the NLD Parliament representatives organising committee 
members and other members. Pure drinking water too is denied to them. The 
accommodation is a far cry from "guest houses" the term used by them.  This 
unhealthy environment and poor living conditions which is intentional mental 
and physical persecution can endanger their lives for which the authorities 
will be held entirely responsible. We bring this  fact to the attention of 
the authorities as a reminder to them.

5.  We ask that all members of the National League for Democracy who are 
being held illegally and wrongfully be immediately and unconditionally 

released.	"					(END)

Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy

1 July 1999.

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